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We are not recruiters or personnel brokers – we contribute to your company's success. We approach personnel issues in the context of the entire organization so that we can provide you with the best possible consulting services. With us you have found an experienced and reliable service partner in executive search and personnel consulting. As quickly and conveniently as possible? Not our thing. In cooperation with you, we will search for the best and most sustainable solution.


Tell us about your initial situation, your requirements and wishes. We listen closely in order to find the most suitable and sustainable path – even if it's a rocky one. With a pinch of intuition, knowledge of human nature and creativity, we set out to find your future key players and focus on advising you before, during and after the process to ensure your long-term success. 

troeger cie wissenschaftlich fundierte methodik

Scientifically based methodology

troeger cie qualifiziertes personal v2

Qualified and experienced consultants

troeger cie langjaehrige expertise

Many years of expertise from numerous industries

troeger cie internationales netzwerk

Large, international network



We are neither recruiters, nor recruiting consultants, nor headhunters. We are not interested in filling vacancies with the best applicants and closing the case. We get involved beforehand: tell us about your company structure, your resource allocation and your values. We analyze the requirements of the vacant position. Not until then do we begin our active search for personnel, using a number of effective employee search tools. 


We are experts in assessing candidates. And yet, as human beings, our assessment is not seldom clouded. We use established and scientifically proven tools to make our opinions as objective as possible. It backs up our assessments and creates the foundation for asking further purposeful questions.



Your employees are not only key performers, they are an investment in your company. We hardly need to tell you that. It is therefore even more important that they fit into your structures, are deployed wisely and can identify with your corporate culture. 

We find exactly those who fit. 


Highly qualified specialists are currently employed in good positions in attractive companies. They are therefore not actively looking for a new job and are very difficult to reach through job ads. Nevertheless, they are willing to talk about new career opportunities – on an equal level, not as applicants. 


troeger cie direkte ansprache

Direct approach

troeger cie datenbank

Database research

troeger cie beratung betreeung

Discreet contacting

troeger cie anzeigenschaltung

Print and online advertisements

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The restructuring of the executive level has profound consequences for your company. Therefore, it is important to start your executive search with a thorough analysis and to use the right tools to identify, attract and develop executives. By means of extremely discreet direct approaches, we also reach those candidates who usually remain invisible to you. When searching for niche experts, we take a look into the future and also consider the specialists of tomorrow.


One of our core competencies is listening. We want to hear all about your company structure and culture. Then we can talk about the requirements that the open position entails. 

Nothing passes us by on the market. Competition? Does not sleep. Search radius? Defined. Target companies? On screen. Extensive research is the basis of our work. This is how we find potential candidates.

Cooperatively, we write the roadmap and decide which candidates we want to reach and how. Then we get started.

Our consultants always find the right words. The phone is the wand with which the magic happens: No sales gibberish, but communication at eye level. Paired with the right arguments, interest is quickly aroused. 

We bring the best people to the table and find out more about their personality, experience and motivation in a professional interview. During the interview, we use established interview methodologies that have served us well in the past. But after the interview is before the interview: We review the interview and match the professional and personal suitability with the job profile. 

This is where it gets exciting for you: We present the chosen ones to you. With all the key data, notes and assessments you need. Of course, we don't rely exclusively on our good knowledge of human nature: To guarantee an objective selection, we also use appropriate tools. 

Of course you want to get to know your candidates. Facts and figures are of no use if the chemistry is not right. That's why we introduce you to the shortlisted candidates and take a back seat or a front seat - whichever you prefer. 

The goal is near, but things get bumpy at the end: In contract negotiations, there may still be disagreements here and there, and the current employer often responds to a termination with an offer. In this phase we advise you intensively in order to bring your preferred candidate on board. 



The common thread of our consulting is inspiration. We want to encourage you to trust in your own strengths and to harness your resources. We nudge you in the right direction, take you by the hand if necessary, but never prescribe a path that does not suit you. The principles of proper and qualified personnel consulting (GoPB) and the professional principles of the Federal Association of German Management Consultants (Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater, short: "BDU") are the basis of our own standards.


You are the experts in your field and we understand how important details are. That is why our consultants know exactly what you are talking about. Whether it's mechanical engineering, the agricultural industry or the municipal sector - we are certain to have the right consultant for you to talk in depth about the requirements of your industry. Although we are a personnel consulting company based in Germany, we are very familiar with the international market. 


troeger cie analyse

Potential analysis of company & employees

troeger cie beratung betreeung

Analysis of management and communication structures

troeger cie bevoelkerung

Identification of competencies for diversification

troeger cie qualifiziertes personal

Overall personnel assessment

troeger cie better consulting frankfurt phase 0


The period in between the termination and the hiring, the so-called phase 0, is often forgotten – and thus an opportunity for change is missed. Before you start a personnel search, ask yourself the following questions: Does the job profile still fit the vacant position and our corporate culture? Couldn't the position perhaps even be eliminated completely? Let's talk about it.


The agricultural industry is subject to increasing cost pressure as well as high capital expenditure for modern agricultural technology. Fully digitalized agricultural vehicles are turning the structures of the agricultural industry upside down. This is no easy task for personnel consultants: a deeper understanding of the new requirements of different commodity producers is a must. And we have that - we promise. 

The German construction industry stands out for its high quality, performance and efficiency. However, the requirements have also changed: Topics such as climate control and sustainability have an impact on the planning process. For many years, we have accompanied successful companies in the industry in filling key positions to support the transformation into modern structures. 

The pharmaceutical industry is used to fluctuations in classic industrial economic variables: patent expiry, growing regulatory requirements, rising costs and falling profit margins. Digitalization now presents them with an additional challenge. We are already helping the key players to meet them. 

Although the products of the German electronics industry are in demand and competitive worldwide, the obstacles on the demand side are increasing. The electronics industry also has to adapt to new trends faster than ever before: From artificial intelligence to Industry 4.0 to digital business models. This requires specialists who drive the industry forward in the market. We'd be happy to find the right ones for you. 

The whole world is watching the German automotive industry. A key sector of our national economy. However, new mobility concepts such as e-mobility, connected cars and autonomous driving call for specialists with new profiles and skills. That's where we can help. 

The public sector is facing a mammoth task as a result of structural change in Germany and the increasingly tense situation on the labor markets. This also applies to municipal companies. But don't worry: No task is too big for us. We have experts who can help you.

The German mechanical engineering industry is the flagship of the German economy - and rightly so. But in order to continue to hold this position, management must take on special responsibility in addition to the challenges of Industry 4.0. We accompany you at all stages of the value chain. 

The world is faced with a major task: food must be produced for around 9 billion people, the diet should and must be health-promoting, and the environment should be protected as much as possible in the process. At the same time, sustainable production and low food prices are on the agenda. We show companies in the food industry how they can best equip themselves for this major task.

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With decades of experience in executive search, we know exactly how to fill the upper ranks. We will find someone who fits like a puzzle piece into your entire corporate organization.

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Mixed teams deliver better results. Two-thirds of all companies in Germany see concrete advantages for their company in diversity management. But many still face the question: How do we become more diverse? Our consultants have already had the privilege of supporting many of these mandates.

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Are you still on the verge of digital transformation? Don't lose the boat! We are happy to support you in supplementing your company with capable experts who will move it forward quickly.

Arnulf Ollig


We are familiar with the challenges that family businesses face. Especially when it comes to changing the employee base, interesting dynamics often arise. Let us help.

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Thanks to their many years of expertise, our consultants can offer a broad portfolio of experience and an extensive network from around 2,000 countries. Let us advise you.

troeger cie besser beraten executive search nachfolge teaser


Are you looking for a successor? Not an easy task. Don't rely on the first person to come along. Instead, go through a search process with us that is tailored to your company.

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We have already helped numerous companies to obtain new, qualified supervisory board members. You would like to use the competences of a voluntary advisory board for your company? We are also the right partner for you.


Our specialists have access to a portfolio of tools and are constantly training to keep up with the times. Keeping an eye on the latest trends before they are even ready to be announced is part of their daily routine. After all, it takes foresight to bring you success.

Interested in the vacancies of our mandates?

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